A Glossary of Poker Terms and Concepts


Getting started playing poker online can be a bit tricky. There are many terms and concepts that you should know before you start. The following glossary will help you learn some of the most common poker jargon.

The term heads-up refers to the relationship between two players in the poker game. It can also refer to the initial deal or later betting rounds.

The term early position refers to the first two or three seats on a full ring poker table. The button is the most profitable seat on a poker table. The early position is primarily used for lojack on a six-handed table.

The term “deuce” is frequently used to describe a card with a rank value of two. The final Ace in the deck is referred to as the case ace. It is usually the lowest card in the deck. In the context of poker, a deuce is considered a weak draw. However, it can be a strong draw when there is a lot of action.

A “donk” is a weak player or one who plays poorly. A “donk bet” is when a player makes a bet out of position on a street. In some cases, this is seen as cheating.

The term A-Game refers to a condition in which the player is at an optimal mental state. It is also a word commonly used to refer to a player who is playing poker with a poor mental state.

Backraise refers to a re-raise after calling. It is made after calling with a strong hand, but with the intention of bluffing on a later street. It is also a term that is sometimes re-appropriated to mean “flat” in poker. It can also be used to refer to the amount of money that a player is willing to wager in a particular pot.

A five-bet is the fifth bet in a betting sequence. This is the most common form of betting in community card games. It is a larger bet than a regular bet. It is also sometimes referred to as a coinflip. It is an illegal base dealing practice.

The terms depolarised range construction and zero bluffs are also important to understand. The depolarised range construction method involves building a range from the top x% of all holdings. The re-appropriated term “float call” is made with a speculative holding with the intention of bluffing later on the street.

The term cold deck is used to refer to a bad run of cards. It is also used to describe a hands that are too strong to fold. Cooler situations are hands that are beaten by stronger hands. It can also be used to describe a hand that is not good enough to win the hand.

A door card is the first upcard that is dealt to a player. This is visible to the entire table. It is also a type of draw that requires two consecutive cards to complete. It is often considered a bad etiquette.